What is the sirtfood diet | Sirtfood diet adele

What is the sirtfood diet | Sirtfood diet adele

Sirtfood diet is renowned for its latest modern reggae after the famous British singer Adele appeared in a graceful build following this new diet.

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All the details about the sirtfood diet are as follows:

What is the sirtfood diet

This diet was created by two nutritionists in Britain, and we have announced this system as a revolution in the field of slimming where the principle of the diet is based on the activation of what is known as the gene thinness, as this diet is based on the activation of 7 proteins in the body known as certain "sirtuins", by eating certain plant foods capable of activating these proteins in the body and increasing their level,

so these foods are known as strata and hence the name of the diet of sirtfood, these proteins are responsible for regulating a group of Functions include regulating metabolism and weight loss and have other health benefits such as reducing inflammation and prolonging the life of the body.

Sirtfood diet recipes

The system combines serte foods with reduced calories, as these two factors stimulate the body to produce higher levels of certain, resulting in rapid weight loss without muscle mass loss, and have benefits in protecting against chronic diseases, including the list of sirtfood foods:

- Onions.
- Soy.
- Strawberries.
- Cabbage.
- Berries.
- Parsley.
- Original virgin olive oil.
- Dark chocolate (85%).
- Walnuts (camel's eye).
- Turmeric.
- Buckwheat.
- Japanese green tea (matcha).
- Watercress.
- Coffee.
- The captor or the big one.
- Thai chili.

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Sirtfood diet plan

Sirtfood diet, which depends on eating plant foods, is considered to be equivalent to exercise and fasting, as this system depends on comprehensive body repair and lifestyle change and not reduce weight for a short and temporary period and then return to increase again, it is worth mentioning that the sirtfood diet depends on green juice that is drunk daily, and its manufacture needs to use the slow juice by putting all the ingredients in it except lemon and tea Chama, after the juice is finished pouring the mixture into a cup and then added His hand-held lemon juice with matcha tea and stir with a spoon, this juice consists of:

- 75 grams of kale.
- 30 g arugula.
- A handful of parsley.
- Half a green apple.
- Half a lemon.
- A small amount of ginger.
- 2 celery sticks.
- Half a teaspoon of green tea.

The sirtfood diet consists of two stages, with the duration of the first phase being one week in which dieters only eat 1,000 calories in the first three days while rising to 1,500 calories in the following four days:

Phase 1 of sirtfood diet

Green juice is drunk 3 times a day in the first three days with one sirtfood meal, but on the 4-7 days of the first week, the calories increase to 1500, and then the green juice should be drunk twice a day with two sirtfood meals.

Phase II of sirtfood diet

This phase lasts for two weeks in which no specific price is determined so that 3 sirtfood meals are eaten with green juice once a day.

After completed phases 1&2 of sirtfood diet

The first and second stages of the sirtfood diet can be repeated depending on the weight you want to lose, but sirtfood foods and snacks can be combined with regular daily meals, as well as drinking green juice daily, making sirtfood a healthy lifestyle rather than just a temporary diet.

Foods allowed on sirtfood diet

In addition to the aforementioned basic sirtfood menu, system designers recommend eating protein-rich foods along with sirtfood, such as fatty fish, as well as very moderate dairy consumption, as well as vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, beans, herbs and tea, examples of recommended foods for the system: asparagus, bok choi (Chinese cabbage type), green beans, goji berries or what is known as western smurfs, oranges, chia seeds, peanuts, popcorn, quinoa, cinnamon.

Foods not allowed on sirtfood diet

It is cautioned to eat sugary, processed or preservative-containing foods, and fish with high mercury levels should be avoided, as well as preventing the intake of dried fruits.

Sirtfood diet Adele

The pictures of the famous British artist Adele have spread recently and appear with a thinner body, which made people share her pictures with dazzle on social media, which made the subject of her thinness modern to everyone, and with the spread of pictures began conversations and questions about the system that the singer stated that she is the reason for losing her weight,

Adele followed the Sirtfood diet with exercise, which encouraged many of her lovers to take care of the system and try to follow it, and Adele has lost 30 kg during She followed the sirtfood diet, which she indicated had decided to lose weight for fear of a serious illness.



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