How to lose bum and thigh fat | Buttocks Workout

How to lose bum and thigh fat | Buttocks Workout

The problem of thighs and buttocks is one of the embarrassing problems in men and women, as men may wear loose and wide clothes to hide this inflation

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while women do not wear the right clothes for them and this reduces their attractiveness, also weakens self-confidence, and in our article, we will talk about how to get rid of thighs and buttocks in natural and safe ways.

Why am I gaining weight in thighs and buttocks

The increase in the female hormone from its normal rate causes the accumulation of fat significantly in the lower part, and this leads to water retention in the body and serious diseases including breast cancer, there are several reasons for the increase of the hormone femininity, including natural causes including puberty, and the period of pregnancy in women, and men are also exposed to the increase of the hormone femininity and this leads to the large size of his chest in addition to the large size of his buttocks.

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Bad eating habits cause fat to accumulate heavily in the thighs and buttocks, and mention sleeping immediately after eating, eating large amounts of calories, not exercising regularly, in addition to eating fast food daily, this leads to a large accumulation of fat in the lower area.

How to lose bum and thigh fat

Diet to reduce buttocks and thighs

Reducing calories is one of the most important steps to slim your buttocks by following a diet that includes foods with low-calorie content, such as vegetables and fruits, as these foods contain a high amount of fiber that helps to help with weight loss, such as legumes, nuts, and whole grains, as well as Fat-free proteins provide amino acids, which build muscle tissue, giving the body a consistent form, an important part of weight loss, and fat-free protein is found in white skinless poultry, salmon, tuna and tofu.

Avoid foods that increase weight

Foods associated with total weight gain, including hips, thighs, and buttocks, such as mashed, roasted, fried or chips, should be limited or avoided, with potatoes and chips being among the top five overweight foods, according to a 2011 study published in( the New England Journal of Medicine), and made red meat and processed meat are among the most weight-gain foods.

Avoid soft and sugary drinks

To reach an ideal body, you should avoid drinking liquids that contain calories, as sugary drinks add hundreds of calories to the body, for example, a soda can contain about 189 calories, and it is not as saturated as regular foods, and according to many studies, sugar-sweetened beverages have a significant effect on weight gain.

Exercise to Buttocks Workout in a week

Climbing the stairs

For weight loss and slender buttocks, you should avoid elevators and escalators, and climb the normal stairs whenever possible, to burn calories and improve physical fitness, as a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that climbing the stairs has many noticeable health benefits, where the study was conducted on a group Women used to climb stairs at a rate of 180 degrees in two minutes each time, and they did it once a day for five times a week in the first week, and by the seventh and eighth week they went up the stairs five times a day, and it might be consumed. This exercise is a 10-minute daily exercise, but it is enough to make a difference in women's bodies.

Rock climbing

It is a comprehensive exercise to burn large amounts of calories, where rock climbing burns nearly twice as many calories as when hiking.

Lying the butt exercise

This exercise is more specific to men than women and is by lying on the floor or the mat, keeping the back flat, the knees bent, the feet must be firmly fastened to the ground, the arms must be placed on the sides, then the pelvis is raised, where a 45-degree angle is formed with the body, then the buttocks and thighs are bent, and the body is reduced again on the ground, and then the movement is repeated.

Hand-pushing exercise

This exercise is especially for women who want to reduce buttock fat, where the exercise is by sitting on a flat chair, then put the feet on the ground, bending the knees at an angle of 90 degrees, with the palm of the knees on the outside of the knees on the right and left sides and not from the front, then pushing the knees outward opposite the palm, pressing the hands inside at the same time, and should stay in this condition for one minute with breathing normally.


Running burns calories and tightens the buttock muscles, and if a person is not accustomed to fitness should start at short distances each day, then increase it at a moderate pace, such as trying to run for five to fifteen minutes, and when resting with running can increase the time and intensity of exercises, such as running long distances and longer time, it increases the challenge of the muscles and thus increases the burning of fat.

Squat exercise

Anyone can do a squat, standing upright, spacing your feet and knees, keeping the back straight, then going down and pushing the rear back, forming a 90-degree angle with legs for a second, repeating the exercise 12 to 15 times, and carrying weights to increase the strength of the workout.

Tips to get rid of buttocks and thighs

- Stay away from pans altogether.
- Stay away from caffeine as much as possible.
- Reduce salt use.
- Greatly reduce sweets.



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How to lose bum and thigh fat ,How to reduce buttocks for female,Why am I gaining weight in thighs and buttocks,Buttocks Workout,how lose thigh fat

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