Food is Medicine | Food as medicine recipes

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Food is Medicine | Food as medicine recipes 

Did you recognize that our body derives most of its nutrition from natural food,
unprocessed, organic foods, which the foremost bio-available supplements are formulated or derived from vegetables, grasses, sprouts, leaves, herbs and the earth's elemental minerals? Good water, healthy nutrients and clean oxygen is all-important elements for a balanced body.

The average adult is about 70% water. Newborn babies are born
with the maximum amount as 90% water, yet some elderly and infirm are as low as 50% of water. 

Food is Medicine 

A body without sufficient clean water can dehydrate and
begin to ferment or be too acidic. Many people suffer from dehydration
and overly acidic conditions such as acid reflux, weight gain, stiff
or sore muscles, joints, ligaments, digestive or elimination issues, skin problems - and the list goes on.

We all recognize that over the years our natural environment and
food chain have been compromised. Is it any wonder our internal environment has also been compromised? Could this be why our ancestors didn't experience the same levels of chronic illness.

Why cancer

and diabetes was rare? We hear about ADD, ADHD, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and other chronic or acute conditions daily,
and they're not limited to adults.

based on what you eat and drink, that yours seems like a river in beautiful pristine mountains.

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It's important to ask ourselves if we think our genetic weaknesses would be as apparent were we all focused on cleaning up the environment - our internal environment!

Consider your blood environment your river of life - do you think,
based on what you eat and drink, that yours seems like a river in beautiful pristine mountains,

or sort of a river you would possibly find during a much less pristine environment?

Since our blood is mostly water and functions as
a two-way street - one-way carrying nutrients into the body, the other moving waste out of the body - you can see why the integrity of the body's fluids and blood (environment) are critical to our well-being.

Years ago, our water was pure and carried all the trace minerals of the earth into our body, balancing our minerals and internal terrain.

We ate vegetables high in nutrients, laden with soil-based organisms, critical to our infrastructure of excellent bacteria (our immune system). The air was clean, with high oxygen. Our animals ate grasses and seed, clean of chemicals and hormones. Our oceans and rivers were clean and healthy.

Today we supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals. Also,
reviewing some simple strategies and healthful choices may
be helpful.

Food as medicine recipes

- Eat mostly green vegetables, raw tomatoes, sprouted grains, and
raw nuts.

- Use good oils in your salad, with stir-fried and lightly steamed veggies.

- Drink pure water with lots of fresh lemons or lime juice and add a good Stevia to make lemon or limeade (Lemon & Lime not recommended with acid reflux).

- Reduce intake of white and processed foods and meat.

At the end of each day make sure you've had at least one quart of water
for every 50 pounds of body weight and that you've eaten 70-80% green vegetables, raw tomatoes, avocado, and sprouted grain.

Food is medicine program

- Water should be pure either through filtration or reverse osmosis,
minimally a quart each day for every 50 pounds of body
weight. Water is the best way to carry supplements.

- Vegetables (organic when possible) slightly cooked, steamed,
stir-fried, raw or pureed are the most important part of our diet.
Learn the values of each vegetable.

- Good Oils (organic when possible) should be virgin, extra virgin, and cold-pressed. Some oils will maintain their integrity
with heat, others will not. We all need Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils.

- Coldwater and wild fish stand the best chance of having the
fewest bad microorganisms and therefore the highest amount of excellent oils
and nutrients.

- Meat and Chicken without hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals
are more compatible with a clean inner terrain.

- Bread, tortillas, and cereals are easily found with sprouted grains

- Good Oils are all cold pressed and virgin

- Vegetables are best lightly cooked or raw

While continuing on this diet, the food will be your medicine.

Food as medicine recipes 

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