Best way to build muscle quickly

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Best way to build muscle quickly

Muscle building

Building the body's muscles means amplifying all the main muscles in the human body, where the body with the muscular structure is a measure of body beauty, and a sign of its strength, so young people are quick to exercise to build their muscles. Muscle building is done through specialized exercises that amplify the body's muscles, and these exercises are repeats of a certain movement that prepares and tightens the muscles,below we will showing how to build muscle fast?

Types of muscle-building sports

Bodybuilding Sport

Bodybuilding is the main sport of amplifying the body's muscles, relying mainly on muscular exercise and protein-rich food. Bodybuilding exercises rely on the repeated lifting of heavyweights (such as iron and manual weights) for muscle strain, the muscle begins to run out due to the great exertion of the symptoms, and the benefit of food containing a high protein tissue is to rebuild the damaged muscle fibers more and stronger than ever. Bodybuilding competitions are held in which competition is a comparison between the bodies of competitors in terms of muscle size and detail.

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Fitness is a bodybuilding-like sport, in which muscles are amplified but less so than bodybuilding, where exercises focus on muscle detailing and formation rather than amplifying them, and exercises differ from bodybuilding exercises because they do not depend on carrying weights in ahead, but rather exercises that help the body.

Power Sport

Power is a sport that relies mainly on heavyweights and is not focused on the shape of the muscle and its detail, but only its ability to carry weights (which is directly proportional to the size of the muscle). The competition is about the amount of weight carried by one frequency of three exercises: a squabbling exercise, a deadly lift exercise, and an issue compression exercise, and this exercise depends on all exercises that help increase the weight raised.

Mechanical muscle amplification

The muscles of the body are divided into 5 categories at the like by amplifying them: the muscles of the two arms, the triangular muscle, the muscle of the adhesion, the shoulder muscles, the muscles of the back, and the muscles of the ring. The exercises used for all muscle groups are different, for example, afternoon muscle exercises are different from muscle exercises, and so on.

Exercise straining the muscle significantly and consequently destroy the muscle fibers of that muscle, and protein (either through food or synthetic protein products) is used to rebuild these fibers, as the body exploits The amino acids found in the protein for muscle reconstruction (whose fibers are also amino acids), re-build the muscles to be larger and stronger than before, so that the muscle adapts to the repeated exertion.

Top five muscle-building approaches

To speed up the process of muscle amplification in bodybuilding, there are some recommendations and recommendations that the practitioners of this exercise do not pay attention to, which, if focused on, will improve the results of the exercises.

Concentration in the muscle during the passing

One of the most important factors affecting the quality and results of the exercise is the concentration of the muscle that is exercised only, as the person should feel the muscle firmness during the exercise. One of the common mistakes among bodybuilders is to lift weight regardless of the muscles used during exercise, for example, in muscle exercises, someone relies more on the lower back muscle than the muscles of the market, and that's not it. What is required is that it should concentrate the muscles of the leg to be the ones that are stressed during the exercise, to ensure the results of the muscles of the leg, and to avoid serious injuries such as slippage in the muscles of the lower back.

Overweight or repeating during exercise

If you can prove to be able to pass on the weights and the number of repeats, the muscle size will be confirmed after a while, as the muscle will get used to the exertion. There are three solutions to this problem:

- Increase the number of weights raised during the passing with the number of repeats fixed.
- Increase the number of repeats with the installation of the weight swell. 
- Increase the number of weights raised and the number of repeats as well, and this is the best solution to this problem.

Warning that these solutions will not be addressed unless you can do so to avoid severe injuries, such as slippage, muscle tears, and dislocation of joints.

Increase the amount of protein

The daily routine is that protein is the primary dietary strain of muscle building, it contains the amino acids necessary for the muscle, and any decrease in it from the daily need of the bodybuilder (depending on the weight of the person) will lead to the destruction of fibers without rebuilding them, and consequently, the muscles will not be enlarged even with the passing. The amount of protein is increased by foods rich in it, such as eggs, meats, cheeses (preferably low-fat), or artificial protein products, such as milk Whey protein.

Increased sleep hours

The sleep period is the best period in which the body rebuilds muscles, in addition to the fact that sleep relieves the body and provides energy for the next day, so the lack of sleep hours required daily leads to slow muscle amplification, and there will be insufficient energy to perform the required functioning.

Avoid harmful habits

Many causes harm the body in general and slow muscle amplification, including:


Smoking of all kinds significantly reduces blood circulation and lungs.

Drinking soft drinks

It leads to osteoporosis and weight gain and contains large amounts of caffeine, which is considered harmful if too much.

Eat pans and fast meals

They contain large amounts of harmful fat and cholesterol, and will, therefore, lead to weight gain.


Although it amplifies muscles quickly, there are many harms and side effects, such as infertility, impaired body hormones, and leaving it will lead to muscle atrophy and slackening.



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Best way to build muscle quickly, Muscle building, Avoid harmful habits , how to build muscle fast

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