Egg Nutrition | Benefits of eating Eggs with Milk

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Egg Nutrition | Benefits of eating Eggs with Milk

The chicken egg has a complex biostructure, one of the most nutritious and varied nutrients consumed by humans, and the egg consists of egg whites, which make up 60% of the total weight of the egg ,egg yolks which make up approximately 30% to 33%, and the outer shell, which makes up between 9% and 12% of the egg weight. Volume 0% milk is a natural food source for mammals, as animals produce them to feed their young until they can eat solid foods, and dairy products are high in important nutrients, such as protein, vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus.

Egg Nutrition

Eggs contain a full high-quality protein, which means that they contain the nine essential amino acids all in the amounts the body needs to perform its functions, and a large boiled egg contains several vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, phosphorus, and selenium.

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Benefits of Milk

Milk is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals as mentioned earlier, such as potassium, vitamin B12, calcium, and vitamin D, which are lacking in many foods, and is a good source of vitamin A, magnesium, zinc, thiamine or something. Known as vitamin B1, milk is also an excellent source of protein and contains hundreds of fatty acids, such as associated linoleic acid and omega-3, and it is worth noting that calcium in milk reduces the risk of osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

Nutritional value of eggs

The following table shows the value of nutrients found in a large boiled egg weighing 50 grams:

- Calories = 71 calories.
- Protein = 6.24 grams.
- Debt = 4.72 grams.
- Carbohydrates = 0.36 g
- Calcium = 28 mg.
- Iron = 0.87 mg.
- Magnesium = 6 mg.
- Phosphorus = 98.5 mg.
- Potassium = 68.5 mg.
- Sodium = 214 mg.

Nutritional value of milk

The following table shows the nutritional value of one cup of cow's milk or 244 ml:

- Calories = 149 calories. 
- Water = 215 ml.
- Protein = 7.69 grams.
- Debt = 7.93 grams.
- Carbohydrates = 11.7 grams.
- Calcium = 276 mg.
- Magnesium = 24.4 mg.
- Phosphorus = 205 milligrams.
- Potassium = 322 mg.
- Sodium = 105 milligrams.

Milk and Egg mix is good for health?

No studies are showing the benefits of eating raw eggs with milk, but recent evidence suggests that protein, or amino acids before, during, or after exercise, can be used. To help promote recovery, enhance immune system function, and grow and maintain sub-fat body mass, as eggs contain the highest protein value, with 75 calories per egg and 7 grams of high-quality protein.

Milk is also a rich source of protein, with a single cup of 240 milliliters containing 7.7 grams of protein.

Protein Absorption Reducing

Raw eggs can reduce the absorption of foods highest in protein, as a small study published in Nutrition compared protein absorption from cooked eggs to raw eggs, and found that 90% of the protein in cooked eggs had been It is absorbed, while nearly 50% of it is absorbed in raw eggs, according to another study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2017 conducted by a group of males, that whole cooked eggs are directly produced. After resistance exercises, it contributes to the building of muscle fibrous protein.

Increased risk of bacterial infection

Raw egg products can be a health hazard because they may contain salmonella, and foodborne diseases are a concern for many people who suffer from A weakened immune system, to avoid this, prefers to heat egg syrup before drinking it, and it should be noted that cooking eggs at 74°C helps kill the salmonella in it.



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