How to begin dieting | diet plan step for beginner

How to begin dieting  | diet plan step for beginner

Weight knowledge is the first step to start in the morning, measuring it in the morning without clothes and after going to the bathroom, as well as measuring the exposed area of the waistline by using the model tape, then recording the results in a notebook or a file on the computer, for use and comparing the results later.

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Plan and stick to it

Before starting weight loss, make sure you can stick to the system to follow, make sure you're ready to start with this diet, and it should be noted here that the payment should come from the person himself, not just to satisfy the wishes and opinions of others, and then to develop a plan and a practical program for the diet.

Setting realistic goals

When starting with diet, realistic weight loss goals must be set, which can be achieved and reached, rather than setting hard-to-achieve goals, some studies have shown that losing a small amount of weight improves body health, especially in terms of lowering blood pressure, sugar levels, and cholesterol. It is worth noting that the recommended weight loss rate of 0.45-0.91 kg per week and no more, everyone needs time to stay on their diet and learn about healthy eating habits and thus lose the weight they aspire to.

Understanding the nature of the Personality

Personality and inclinations play an important role in the direction of the right type of diet for each individual, so a plan should be drawn up when starting the diet to suit his inclinations and desires, including these characters:

- Impulsive personality: It is the personality that tends to rush, for example, when you see a pint of ice cream in the refrigerator you eat, which is, of course, a habit to get rid of.

- Unconscious personality: it is a personality that tends to eat unconsciously and without thinking, such as: snacking in front of the TV, and if the person wants to control the amount of food he eats, it is necessary to raise awareness of what is being eaten.

- Sharp-tempered personality: It is the person who eats more when she is anxious, stressed, and depressed.

- Stubborn personality: She is the one who is convinced that losing weight is neither difficult nor impossible, and follows and adheres to guidance and advice.

- Social personality: A person who tends to monitor the amount of food you eat more than other personalities.

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Start with small steps

The best way to change your diet is to do it gradually because it's difficult and unhealthy to change the diet suddenly, as some experts suggest one change a week, which helps to get used to the new diet, and steps can be taken:

- Change foods are eaten at home and abroad as well so that meals contain only healthy foods, and you can choose a book or cookbook specializing in healthy foods that help reduce weight.

- Controlling your body's calories by replacing high-calorie meals consumed during the day with low-calorie meals gradually, because it is difficult to repair the entire diet in a single day. Use a food magazine that contains the nutritional values of food and beverages, the number of calories each, and the amounts that can be consumed daily. Exercise such as running, swimming, and therefore weight loss.

Caloric determination

Determining the calories to be consumed or burned plays an important role at the beginning of any diet or diet, as it must be adhered to the total calories to be consumed daily, for example: reducing 3,500 calories helps to burn about half a kilogram of weight, in addition to changing dietary systems by eating too many nutrients without exceeding the allowed calories, such as Whole grains, leafy vegetables, fruits, and fat-free proteins, as they reduce the rate of heat, as they are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins.

Changing some daily life practices

To start the diet correctly, be careful to apply health practices, including:

- Sleep at night for seven to eight hours.

- Drink between eight and ten glasses of water.

- A five-minute deep breathing exercise. Eat fiber before each meal to reduce appetite for plenty of food and maintain a balance of sugar in the blood.

- Take vitamins, such as vitamin D3 and fish oil.

- Walking exercise or any other physical activity for at least half an hour



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