Muscle building methods | Training methods for bodybuilding

Muscle building methods | Training methods for bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a physical sport that originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, aimed at coordinating the elements of the human body, improving physical abilities with each other, increasing muscle mass, strengthening the body to enter sports competitions, increasing the ability to tolerate, and showing the shape more beautifully, Especially in the field of physical performances and advertising.

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It also aims to reduce or increase weight according to the body's need, treat premature aging, look young and more energetic, remove stress and mental fatigue and improve mood, but it requires a lot of effort, and work properly and continuously in the gym dedicated to it, in addition to To follow a special diet.

The time required to build muscle

Muscle building depends on several factors, including age, sex, hormones, body size and components, and the muscle mass at the start of exercise affects muscle building, the larger the muscle mass at first, the easier, and the shorter the time, so there is no time A certain period or period can be estimated for muscle building.

Muscle building methods

The growth of the skeletal muscles increases when exercising and lifting weights, as weightlifting causes muscle injury, which leads to the activation of muscle fiber construction and the start of the repair process of damage, thus increasing the size of the muscle, and these exercises also stimulate the secretion of certain hormones which in turn predict Muscle building stimulates muscle building, requiring proper exercise, a healthy diet, and the following:

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Strength exercises help build muscle, and it is recommended to exercise two or more times a week, as each exercise should be exercised in 2-3 rounds, repeat each exercise 8-12 times in each round, and it is recommended not to over-lift weights so that the body is not damaged, so it is necessary to gradually In the type and intensity of exercises, and from strength exercises, we mention the following:

- Pressure exercises, mind exercises, squat tingling exercises, and rush exercises.

- Resistance exercises. Weightlifting exercises of various kinds.


Foods that contain all nutrients should be eaten to ensure muscle building, including:

- Protein: Protein-rich foods are recommended before and after exercise, protein consumption of 1.2-1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight, and protein-rich foods: eggs, meat, chicken, salmon, tuna and legumes.

Carbohydrates: To fill the glycogen stores that the body needs when exercising such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, legumes, and vegetables.

- Useful fats: avocado, yogurt, nuts, chia seeds, olives, coconut oil, seeds, and milk.

- Vitamins and minerals:  are very important for muscle building, and it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking the boosters.

Training methods for bodybuilding

the training methods mention as following:

Starting from easy to hard

To stabilize the muscle, and prepare it to carry heavier weights in the next stages during the first month, the player performs relatively easy exercises, such as stretching and relaxation exercises, using all types of equipment, provided that the weight is not increased, and repeats about 20 times.

Advanced Stage

It aims to increase muscle size, and requires great pressure and effort, by practicing heavier weights than before, increasing the number of times from 12-15 times, and in advanced stages increase the frequency from 8-10 times.

Strengthening anti-muscle

They are the muscles that perform the reverse operation of other muscles and need a lot of attention, to properly develop the body and reach strong muscles.

Go from devices to free weights

This method is characterized by the presence of many motor units that produce better results and allow for free movement of muscles but have some negatives such as the possibility of hand injuries and infections.


By consulting a dietitian to determine the right system for the body, the times of taking it during training and rest periods, and taking care before training to eat full meals rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber, with the need to drink a lot of water during Exercise and length of the day.

Exercise at least twice a week

To effectively develop the muscles, you should exercise three to four times a week, with no heavyweights and a series of sudden exercises before adjusting.


With adequate and comfortable sleep, muscles develop significantly during rest, rest between each training and the last 24 to 72 hours.

Heating, tightening and relaxation exercises

It plays a major role in increasing muscle size, strengthening the heart, increasing blood flow, and helping to protect muscles from various injuries and infections.

Common mistakes in bodybuilding

- The patience and seriousness of the novice trainees, which leads to frustration.

- Taking hormones, which cause impaired the body's vital functions.

- The use of substances that prevent the release of proteins, causing liver and kidney damage.

- Reliance on stimulants, which lead to the body's inability to reach the activity unless it is taken.



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