How to divide the muscles of the body | ways to build muscle

How to divide the muscles of the body | ways to build muscle

Body muscles are keen for many athletes, especially bodybuilders, to get clear and divided body muscles, especially abdominal muscles that play a big role in enhancing the performance of the body's essential muscles, providing full support for daily activities and movements, and improving the Standing body.
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Ways to build muscle

increasing the size of the muscle and exercises also stimulate the secretion of certain hormones which in turn predict Muscle building stimulates muscle building.

The growth of the skeletal muscles increases when exercising and lifting weights, as weightlifting causes muscle injury, which leads to the activation of muscle fiber construction and the start of the repair process of damage, thus increasing the size of the muscle and these exercises also stimulate the secretion of certain hormones which in turn predict Muscle building stimulates muscle building, requiring proper exercise and a healthy diet.

The duration of building body muscles

Muscle building depends on several factors, including age, sex, hormones, body size and components, and the muscle mass at the start of exercise affects muscle building, the larger the muscle mass at first, the easier, and the shorter the time, so there is no time given period or period can be estimated for muscle building.

How to divide the muscles of the body?

Double wheel exercise

Lie on the floor, hold your knees on the carpet, hold the wheel handles in both hands well, stretch your hands and back to move the wheel forward, then return to the starting point again, repeat ingesting ten times.

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Arm lift exercise

Lie on your back, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, lift your arms with a slight neck lift, hold on for three seconds, then return to the starting point and repeat the exercise.

Lifting the iron

took the position of kneeling on the ground, Hold the 10kg iron beam well with both hands, then stretch your arms to the maximum distance and lift your body to stand on your knees, and pull your hands up.

Weight lifting beam moving exercise

Catch the end of the weight lifting weight with both hands, stop so that your arms muscles are tight, and move the crossbar with your hands to the right and left.

Pressure exercise on the ball

Lie on the ball so that your back is on it, hold your feet on the ground, place your hands under the head to support your back balance, then flex your back muscles, tighten your abdominal muscles on top of the ball, and hold the position for five seconds.

Diving exercise in parallel rails

Hang yourself in parallel bars, bend your knees slightly, then lift your legs forward so that they are parallel to the ground, and hold the position for a while.

Kick exercise

Lie on the floor, single your legs straight, then stretch your arms next to you and lift your knees about six inches, take the shape of scissors to the feet, kick one of your feet up and then land and repeat the exercise.

Squatting with weightlifting

take a squat position, lift the iron to reach the level of the shoulders, lift the elbows parallel to the arms, hold the position for ten seconds and then return to the starting position, and repeat the exercise ten times.

Pulling cables

Adjust the cable ball at shoulder level, hold it with both hands, taking into account standing wide, holding your feet, extending your arms forward and pulling the cables away from the device.

Lifting feet

Lie on the floor and hold the punch or chairman to support the balance of the body, single your legs and then lift them, and hold them for a while before returning to the starting position and repeat ingesting.

Ball-playing exercise

Sit on the floor, hold the ball with both hands, extend your arms forward, then wrap your body to the other side, return to the starting point, roll it back in the opposite direction and so on. The pressure exercised on the ball takes the position of kneeling, press the ball with both hands and press on one knee until it reaches the chest, lift the opposite knee, then push quickly to the back.

Lifting exercise on the rails

Hang on the bars, lift your body until your face reaches the top of the bars, and your knees are next to the chest and then go down and re-exercise.


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