Foods for bodybuilders | increase muscle mass

Foods for bodybuilders | increase muscle mass

The concept of bodybuilding is focused on increasing the muscle mass of the body through weight lifting and proper nutrition, and to achieve the best results, a healthy diet should be followed, like foods that contain a large amount of protein to help increase muscle mass.

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Body and muscle building stages

The human body contains about 620 different muscles, which are made up of muscle fibers, which are made up of acids found in proteins and called amino acids. Man uses his muscles in movement and the performance of various activities, and some use the size of his muscles to show off in front of people, it is considered a beauty, as the tight body, which has muscles of large size is desirable in many people.

Many people believe that building muscle and maintaining its mass depends solely on training, but this belief is wrong

To build bodies and increase muscle mass, the body needs to increase the amount of food consumed, in addition to the exercise of weight lifting, as the strength of the acquired muscle and the speed of its acquisition depend on many factors such as genetic factor and age, and there are three stages to go through Objects to get a suitable body, namely:

Increase the amount of food consumed

The number of calories consumed should be increased by 15%, with attention to taking protein from low-fat sources.

Weight lifting exercises

Start weight lifting exercises to increase muscle mass.

Body sculpting

This phase is based on maintaining muscle mass, as well as losing fat, through a healthy and balanced diet.

Muscle need for food

Many people believe that building muscle and maintaining its mass depends solely on training, but this belief is wrong, as, in addition to training, you should eat healthy foods that help you maintain fitness and muscle growth.

After any exercises or activities that rely heavily on muscles (such as bodybuilding exercises), this leads to the destruction of the tired muscle fibers, when the person needs to eat the high-absorbed protein-absorbing food (such as a milk serum), and the body uses amino acids.

In protein for muscle reconstruction and reconstruction, the main component of muscle fibers is the amino acids found in the protein, so the muscle is stronger than it used to be able to adapt to the nature of the exertion.

Many bodybuilders complain that they don't feel any use, their muscles stay the same size despite the practices (though they're tough), and the weights they lift during the exercise remain constant, because they don't care about the right food, or they don't care about the right food, or they don't care about the right food, or they don't care about the right food. They simply aren't aware of that.

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The lack of adequate and appropriate food after the practice leads to adverse results, as the muscle will be destroyed and will not be rebuilt because the muscle fibers have not received the amino acids they need.

Foods for bodybuilder

Here are some protein-rich foods:

- Chicken breasts

Each 85 g of chicken breasts contains 26 grams of protein, while turkey breasts contain 25 grams of it.

- Tilapia, tuna

Every 85 grams of tilapia contains 21 grams of protein, while tuna contains 20 grams.

- Peanuts

Every 73 grams contains 17 grams of protein.

- Salmon, shrimp

Every 85 grams of salmon contains 17 grams of protein, and shrimp contains 18 grams.

- Soy

Every 85 grams contains 14 grams of protein.

- Cheese, Greek yogurt

Every 226 grams of cheese contains 28 grams of protein.

- Beans, chickpeas

Every 172 grams of beans contains 15 grams of protein, and chickpeas for every 240 grams contain 12 grams of protein.

- Almond

Every 172 grams contains 16 grams of protein. Tofu: Every 124 grams contains 10 grams of protein. Milk: 100 grams contains 25.5 grams of protein.

- Low-fat beef

Every 100 grams contains 31 grams of protein.

- Eggs

Every 100 grams contains 12.5 grams of protein.

Daily requirement of nutrients

In addition to exercising to build muscle, you should also get the amounts your body needs from different nutrients, as the body needs between 2.3-3.1 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, and one meal before your workout should be contained. Between 0.4-0.5 grams per kilogram of body weight.


It is clear from the above that muscles do not need cosmetic surgery, or strengths, so you should pay attention to food, especially the protein serum, because it is an easy and comfortable source for bodybuilders, and its prices are in everyone's eating, and it is usually used when you wake up from sleep or mixed with Meals, or immediately after the practice, to build muscle mass.

Also, it is a great source of protein, it is very important for muscle repair, bone health, weight maintenance, and there are many ways to cook the chicken healthily and effectively, especially since it contains protein.



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